49. Digital Fur Technology


Memory! All alone in the moonlight! Leo season starts tomorrow but in a way, we are already deep in the season of the Cat. This week we do a quick run through of Emmy nominations, discuss recent trailers (including one in particular that, ahem, broke Twitter). For more on that, please reach out about our side project, Pod-CATS. And finally, we break down our opinions on Disney's newest remake, The Lion King. We didn't like it, everyone else does, we're the assholes. It's the Circle of Life.

48.5 Stranger Things Ice Cream Review


We have a special mini segment this week, where Meg and her sister take one for the team by taste testing all of the Stranger Things ice cream flavors. Come on a palate journey with us through the Praline Portal, hop on the USS Butterscotch to face down the Mind Flayer Mint in the Shadow Sherbet. We pop our spoons into the upside down so you can jump straight to the best flavors.